Fast startup creation, smooth market entry

Entrepreneurs can establish a startup both online and offline in one day for a fee of no more than 100 EUR and access all information about national administrative requirements and funding opportunities in one single place on the internet, via the Startup fast-lane.

and retaining Talent

Visa applications for founders and experienced staff processed within a month, as well as programmes and incentives to encourage the return of EU tech-talent who emigrated.


Stock options are recognised and subject to capital gains tax at the moment of cash receipt and not before. Startups are allowed to issue stock options with non-voting rights to accelerate funding.

in Regulation

Legal provisions and policies to avoid unnecessary administrative burden for startups promoting a ‘Think Small first’ principle. Experimentation and innovation for startups promoted through regulatory sandboxes to test and validate new solutions.

Innovation procurement (including tech transfer policies)

EU Member States use their Recover and Resilience Facility funding to enhance access to venture capital for startups through European Investment Bank, Promotional Banks or other dedicated vehicles. Countries introduce or improve policy initiatives that aim to increase the amount and diversity of private capital available. Tax relief measures aimed towards Business Angels to stimulate and support early-stage funding.

to Finance

No legal or administrative barriers to innovation procurement, thus encouraging public buyers and services to procure innovations from startups. Ownership of intellectual property rights are retained by the startup taking part on the innovation procurement opportunities. Technology developed at universities and research institutes are easily transferred.

Social inclusion, diversity, and protecting democratic values

Attention from Member States to diversity and inclusion, whilst protecting democracy values. Promotion of role models, provision of incentives, and support for startups to hire on diversity of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, political beliefs, age, or sexual orientation, and for founders from under-privileged backgrounds to create companies. Incentives for startups to address marginalisation and social exclusion.


Design all day-to-day interactions between startups and authorities to be carried out in a digital-first manner.

Wouldn’t that be nice for everyone?

The Startup Nations Standard is a set of practices designed to foster entrepreneurship in the European Union and accelerate the growth of startups into innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with all the conditions to scale even bigger.
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