Fast startup creation, smooth market entry

∙ Fast-track the process of creating a new company within one day for €100.
∙ Creation of a Market Access Helpdesk to help startups finding all the relevant information in one place and to help overcoming any regulatory issues and/or impediments.
∙ Legal documents from other EU jurisdictions can be submitted as proof for the incorporation of a startup.

and retaining Talent

∙ Accelerate visa processes for tech talent from outside the EU, and incentivise the return of EU tech-talent.


∙ No taxes for stock options before being cashed in.
∙ Allow startups to issue stock options to employees with non-voting rights.

in Regulation

∙ Think Small first – Simplify and update companies laws to adapt to startups culture.
∙ Regulatory sandboxes allowing startups to experiment and innovate.


∙ No legal or administrative impediments that would put startups/scaleups at a disadvantage.
∙ Ownership of intellectual property rights.
∙ Tech Transfer Policies for technology developed in Universities or research institutes.
∙ Support startups to contribute and benefit from open source assets.

to Finance

∙ Direct access to finance: funding to enhance access to venture capital for startups through the European Investment Bank (EIB), Promotional Banks or other dedicated vehicles.
∙ Indirect access to finance: policies that increase the amount and diversity of private capital.
∙ Tax relief measures for Business Angels.

Social inclusion, diversity, and protecting democratic values

∙ Incentives to hire on diversity of ethnicity, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation.
∙ Support to founders from under-privileged backgrounds to create companies.
∙ Mobilisation of startups to address marginalisation and social exclusion.


∙ Interactions between startups and authorities designed to be via digital.
∙ Approach startups for best practices on digitalization.

Wouldn’t that be nice for everyone?

The Startup Nations Standard is a set of practices designed to foster entrepreneurship in the European Union and accelerate the growth of startups into innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with all the conditions to scale even bigger.
Read all the recommendations or download the full declaration below.

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